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North Atlantic Crafts Traditions

12.07.2011 - 12:45

North Atlantic Crafts Traditions aims to maintain and awaken ancient handicraft traditions that have been common to the North Atlantic area to life, through practical research and testing. In 2011, these three courses will run: Warp-weighted loom September 26th till October 1st, 5 days. 3 500 NOK. 10 participants maximum (two on each loom). The course covers everything between setting up the loom and finishing it. Within a week the participants will each weave their own little piece. This year you can choose between two weaving courses: -Icelandic Cast (vararfeldur) Teachers: Elizabeth Johnston, Shetland and Hildur Hakonardottir, Ice land. This is the reconstruction of an Icelandic product from the Viking age, which resembles our båtrye. -Vestlandsåkle (traditional coverlet from the west coast of Norway) Teacher: Marta Kløve Juuhl. This course will teach the most common patterns. Spindles and spinning September 30th till October 1st , 2 days. 1300 NOK. 8 participants maximum. The course is in two parts, where you will make spindles, and later spin on the spindles. Teachers: Morten Kutschera and Elisabeth Johnston. Sprang (an old braiding technique) September 30th till October 1st, 2 days 1 300 NOK. 8 participants maximum. Teacher: Bjørg Njå. Work Equipment and materials are included in the prices. Course time is from 9 AM till 4 PM, with the opportunity to work on your own from 8 AM. There will be an opportunity to buy coffee / tea and lunch at the museum Accommodation: the museum will be helpful finding a place to stay at Osterøy, during this week. Last date of registration: September 1st. Tlf.: +4756193440