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The Cultural Heritage Service

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This is a free service for the region North Hordaland giving expert advice and guidance in restoration of traditional buildings and in other cultural heritage and museums matters. The Cultural Heritage Service is also helping private owners and institutions to raise means and apply for funding in different projects. KiN is also supervising restoration projects in the region. In addition they arrange training sessions within the field of traditional craft techniques specific for the region and courses for voluntary organisation in preservation, documentation and recording of cultural objects in the region.  All projects are organized as teaching arenas and they are an important tool for preserving traditional craft skills and for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage in the region.

The work done by KiN, when come to restoring traditional rural buildings in the region of North Hordaland, is having a strong effect on the safeguarding of cultural heritage in the possession of private owners. A newly restored building looks beautiful in the landscape and inspirers other private owner to restore their own buildings. That means that you are able to get a huge effect for the society out of modest official input in restoration of cultural heritage objects. I will sum up some of the spin off the input of official money in the restoration projects have on the local community in the region:

  • many people are more aware of their own cultural heritage
  • private people starts to restore their own traditional buildings as a result of the work KiN do in the area
  • traditional crafts skills are preserved and given a renaissance
  • the effect of using small amounts in the projects result in a major benefit for the society





Restoration works at the oldest synagogue in Latvia completed Due to the considerable quantity of authentic wooden details Ludza Great Synagogue can be considered the oldest synagogue not only in...

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Within the framework of the project related to restoration of Ludza Great Synagogue in Latvia three craftsmen from Ludza municipality, Latvia, visited Norway from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October and took part in the project events of the Activity “Workshop no. 3”.

Meir om Craftsmen from Ludza, Latvia visiting

International work. On September 10, 2014, Ludza Municipality, Latvia, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia signed the agreement on implementation of the project “Restoration of Ludza Grand Synagogue and revitalization of the Jewish cultural heritage” . The project is realised in cooperation with the Museum Centre of Hordaland (Norway) and, six visits of the Museum Centre’s experts will be organised, when workshops for local craftsmen – restorers will be held.

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