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Vernissage: Ettertankar // Afterthoughts

Publisert den 05.02.2020 - 10:48
05.02.2020 - 10:48

The textile exhibition Ettertankar ("Afterthoughts") opens on Sunday 16 February in Galleri Salhus, featuring works by the artists Ingrunn Oddny Myrland and Else Karin Tysse Bysheim.

"Hullsamlinger" av Ingrunn Oddny Myrland

ETTERTANKAR shows works by the artists Ingrunn Oddny Myrland and Else Karin Tysse Bysheim. It is an exhibition based on experiences, memories, calm and turmoil. The close and intimate knowledge we all have of textiles, in the way we continually dress our bodies, make Myrland and Tysse Bysheim's works reverberate with our own memories and experiences.

In this way, ETTERTANKAR stimulates reflection around what it means to be human in the world, by touching upon both visual and physical memories in each and every one of us.

Myrland has her art education from KiR, MA in Visual art/textile at KHiO and pedagogy.

Tysse Bysheim is educated in visual art from KiB, textile culture (VK), art history (UiB) and art therapy.

ETTERTANKAR is curated by Anneli Belsvik Aras.



Exhibition period:
16.02.2020 – 12.04.2020

Opening hours:
Tys– fre kl. 11–15
Søndagar 12–17

16/02 kl. 14:00 – 17:00

Galleri Salhus at The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum
Salhusvegen 201, 5107 Salhus