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Exhibition: KMD: textiles

Publisert den 03.09.2020 - 16:47
03.09.2020 - 16:47

Welcome to a new exhibition in Galleri Salhus! The Faculty of Contemporary Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, presents new work by student artists working in the medium of textiles. The vernissage on Sunday 13 September at 14:00 for invited guests only, after that the exhibition will be open to visitors in smaller groups from 15:00–17:00.


The focus area for Textiles at KMD boasts a diverse and vital community of students, technicians and academics who together explore a wide portfolio of subject matters in the field of artistic practice through the medium of textiles. The works presented here have been physically realised by way of direct artisanal making, in both analogue and digital means in weaving, printing, dyeing, knitting, stitching, manipulation and other interdisciplinary approaches. At the same time they are charged with individual thoughts, reflections and comments on a wide range of themes: personal, public, private and social; and arise from extended discourses of place, culture, identity, nature, sexuality, body, education, feminism, communication, perception, craft, environmentalism, consumerism and post-humanism. As such, the many visual, haptic and cognitive expressions represent strident, burgeoning voices in contemporary (textile) art practice.



The exhibition is open 14–29 September
Wed–Fri at 11:00–15:00, Sundays at 12:00–17:00