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Bergen Knit Fest 2020: 25.–27. september

Publisert den 29.05.2020 - 18:43
29.05.2020 - 18:43


Important information about Bergen Strikkefestival (Bergen Knit Fest) 2020:

Bergen Strikkefestival: 25.-27. september 2020


The corona virus has changed everyday life for all of us, and we are working on a way to organise Bergen Strikkefestival and spread our love of knitting without increasing the risk of contagion. Although it might be possible to allow larger assemblies of people in September, social distancing requirements and heightened hygiene measures mean that we have had to rethink the format of the event. We are now planning for a smaller event, focused on workshops. (We will also look into the possibility of organizing some lectures for a limited audience.)

The most important changes are: there will not be a large opening event, lectures with larger audiences or a yarn market. The workshops programme remains, as workshops can be organised in line with current government regulations and guidelines. We will also consider alternative solutions such as live streaming lectures and digital workshops. The festival will only be open to those who have bought a ticket to a course or another individual event.

We ask for your understanding for the fact that the details concerning the festival are not quite ready yet. We are working hard to find good alternate solutions. If you are a course instructor or lecturer, have applied for a place at the festival market or as a volunteer, we have sent you more detailed information by e-mail.

More information about the programme and tickets will be announced soon. For now, we thank you for your patience!


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