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Restoration completed at the oldest synagogue in Latvia

Publisert den 08.03.2016 - 10:41
08.03.2016 - 10:41

Restoration works at the oldest synagogue in Latvia completed

Due to the considerable quantity of authentic wooden details Ludza Great Synagogue can be considered the oldest synagogue not only in Latvia, but in all Baltic States. Wooden synagogues in Ludza Town (built circa 1800) and Rēzekne City (1845) of Latvia are unique monuments of Jewish culture in the north-eastern part of Europe, because similar buildings disappeared in Europe in the XX century. There is evidence that during 700 years about 700 wooden synagogues were built in the Eastern Europe. Now the total number of the existing wooden synagogues (with equipment) in Europe is not more than 4-5 buildings.

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