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The Museum Centre in Hordaland consists of a unique professional environment with an extensive competence within the breadth of the museum field. The centre consists of institutions focusing on both social and cultural history as well as the preservation of nature and agricultural landscapes.

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The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum is located in an old textile mill in Salhus, about 18 minutes from Bergen.  The former textile factory Salhus Tricotagefabrik (1859–1989) is a national industrial heritage site selected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Our main focus is on industrial society, and we document, research and share knowledge about the buildings, machinery, labour and social history of the textile industry. We also offer advisory services to individuals and volunteers in Bergen on museum-related matters within technology and industry. Book collection related to the textile industry. Guided tours in Salhus Tricotagefabrik and film.  Temporary exhibitions in Galleri Salhus. Café with home-baked goods and a gift shop with products made on our knitting machines. 

Western Norway Emigration Centre is located at Sletta on the island of Radøy in Lindås municipality in Nordhordland, about 45 minutes from Bergen. The centre displays six buildings from emigrant history, including a church, all of which were built by Norwegian emigrants to America and later moved to Sletta. Join us as we walk from house to house in the emigrant village and learn about what it was like to emigrate from a life of poverty in Norway over 100 years ago and create a new life for oneself in a vast foreign country. Library of books related to emigrant history in Norway.

Osterøy museum  is a folk museum beautifully located at Gjerstad in Osterøy municipality, about 30 minutes from Bergen. The museum buildings and collections inform visitors about building traditions and way of life in the villages north of Bergen. In the main building you can see exhibitions on themes related to fjord culture; local crafts, small industry, textiles or art exhibitions featuring local artists. We currently have a particular focus on preserving knowledge about old craft traditions, and have great expertise in oppstadgogn (warp-weighted loom). Comprehensive local history archive. We serve the local specialty stompekake on Sundays during the summer season. 

The Heathland Centre is beautifully located on the heathlands at Lygra in Lindås municipality in Nordhordland, about 50 minutes from Bergen. Here you can wander around along paths winding through the heather-clad heaths. Due to cultivation, pollution and overgrowth, this unique cultural landscape is rapidly disappearing in Norway and Europe. The Heathland Centre is an information centre focused on preserving knowledge about the coastal heathlands. We preserve the heathland through traditional land use. Exhibition and film. Venue rentals for businesses and weddings. During the season we serve wild sheep and local food in Matstova.

Havråtunet is a farm located in a sheltered, southward-facing area at Solstranda in Osterøy municipality, about 30 minutes from Bergen. It is listed as a heritage site by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. We currently have a particular focus on research and documentation of old tool cultures, work methods, livestock breeds and plant species. Our main objective is to preserve cultural biodiversity, and some of the farmhouses are run using old working methods. The farm houses the old Norwegian sheep and cattle breeds gamalnorsk sau and vestnorsk fjordfe, and cultivates grains, potatoes and old types of fruit trees. Guided tours during the summer season. 

Learn more about us here (from the presentation at the Best in Heritage Conference in 2008).


On Sunday, May 24, we finally reopen the doors to the factory in Salhus after being closed since mid-March. At first the museum will only be open on Sundays, and later on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays during the summer holidays. We have spacious indoor facilities and look forward to offering safe, interesting and reinvigorating museum experiences this summer.

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The Warp-Weighted Loom - A new interdisciplinary book about the North Atlantic Cultural Heritage, represented by the Warp-Weighted Loom.

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Restoration works at the oldest synagogue in Latvia completed Due to the considerable quantity of authentic wooden details Ludza Great Synagogue can be considered the oldest synagogue not only in...

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Within the framework of the project related to restoration of Ludza Great Synagogue in Latvia three craftsmen from Ludza municipality, Latvia, visited Norway from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October and took part in the project events of the Activity “Workshop no. 3”.

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International work. On September 10, 2014, Ludza Municipality, Latvia, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia signed the agreement on implementation of the project “Restoration of Ludza Grand Synagogue and revitalization of the Jewish cultural heritage” . The project is realised in cooperation with the Museum Centre of Hordaland (Norway) and, six visits of the Museum Centre’s experts will be organised, when workshops for local craftsmen – restorers will be held.

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